Righton T-Breath Groove BLK

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This is something that can really improve your mood in a live performance , just knowing that your wearing all the necesary cothes that keep you as dry as can be under the hot spot lights and body heat etc  , then why not the strap , this strap is not going to cause you extra problems with sweat and discomfort , this strap is going to make a noticable difference just like your own personal electric fan or your ice water soaked towel ready to cool you down, thus making your performance the best it can be.

T-Breathe Straps inserted a special waterproof and breathable membrane inside it, allowing the shoulder to breathe while preventing sweat from entering the Strap. The true benefit of this system is that it keeps strap and shoulder dry, of course, depending on your sweat and the movement and time you keep the strap in position, but of course this will be an advantage in keeping you much more comfortable while playing.T-Breathe Strap is a vegan strap, super lightweight and slightly padded, it's not comparable with any other bass strap on the market. 

  • Size: 3,2" (8 cm)
  • Color: Black
  • Material:
  • Adjustable: 103cm to 130 cm
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