1. Darkglass Microtubes B7K Ultra "The Kraken"

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    Limited Edition "The Kraken". Illustrated by the talented argentinan illustrator Ignacio Bazán - a well-known illustrator in the videogame world - and engraved on our Microtubes B7K Ultra, the Kraken has awakaned. It's time to release your inner voice.

    The Microtubes B7K Bass Preamp/DI Pedal is the meanest beast of the family, and probably the most flexible and versatile Bass Overdrive out there! It features all the handy features of its little brother and much more! One of the amazing additions is the musical four band active EQ (12dB boost and cut) which rises-up exponentially the amount of tonal capabilities, giving you all the shaping, and texture options you’ll ever need. This, combined with the Grunt and Attack toggle switches give you all the versatility of a rack preamp in the palm of your hand!

    Type: Overdrive-Distorsion-Preamp
    Power: 9vol
    Inputs: 1xMono
    Outputs: 1xMono
    Extras: 9volt Optional Power Supply

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