1. Rodenberg GAS-707B NG

    Price (VAT INCLUDED):   108.50€ 155.00€

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    The GAS-707B NG is the new update of the GAS-707B.
    Level and Tone controls are big pots with scale. On the top panel there are two switches, one for +20dB mode (Output Level) and one for Deep Boost.
    In standard 707B NG mode the Jewel LED shines green, in +20dB mode red! With a mini slide switch inside the pedal - near the battery, you can choose the switching mode of the pedal from True Bypass switching to Silent (FET) switching (electronical, nearly silent).
    The GAS-707B NG is the Clean Boost pedal of the bass family - I call it Come Alive! The GAS-707B NG is more than just a output level boost, it can give your amp more life! In difference to the GAS-707 NG for E-Guitar the GAS-707B NG is optimized for E-Bass refering its frequency range. When designing the pedal special attention was paid to completely saving the deeper frequencies but still guaranteeing a strong and powerful sound. The active Tone control gives sparkling brilliance to the sound if needed. No matter if you play finger style or slapping bass, you will never switch the GAS-707B NG off. GAS-707B NG = 3D sound = Come Alive.

    Type: Boost
    Power: 9vol
    Inputs: 1xMono
    Outputs: 1xMono
    Extras: 9volt Optional Power Supply

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