Righton Mojo Neon Green

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Inspired by the neon guitar and neon strings, In natural light and stage light these straps sparkle brightly. Under ultraviolet black light, they appear to glow! Made from synthetic materials , these super-bright colors are designed to looks clear and sparkle brightly on stage.
For sure This straps is going to be guest starring , and everybody will look to you ...
Mojo Collection is 6 cm ( 2,3 ") Wide Straps - Length: 95-145cm, made free of all animal parts, with microfiber lining and high-density latex padding. Our biggest selling range. No animal parts. that´s a Vegan strap, Specially selected quality synthetics. Pleckrum pockets more easily accessible, provided with two real pics at the fron end. More Rock'n'roll spirit on this collection with the most amazing fabrics and synthetics. very confy straps thanks to the well-known RightOn! Padding. Are you sick of struggling with you guitar or bass ? this collection are comfy straps and carry your guitar or bass easily on your shoulder.
All the RightOn! Straps are designed and manufactured in Spain.

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