Rodenberg GAS 789B

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Signature Marcus Miller.
Looking inside the GAS-789B NG you will find three GAS (707B/808B/909B+) in one box. Each of the three totally independent pedals have their own Tone and (Output)-Level controls, the GAS-808B and GAS-909B independent (Overdrive)-controls also. All three pedals have their own Deep Boost switches. With a rocker switch the GAS-909B+ can be switched over into a GAS-808B mode. With the BOLT rocker switch you can put the GAS-808Band GAS-909B into Bolt or Serial switching mode, so you can switch between the two pedals with one footstep. The bolt mode works with the GAS-808B and GAS-909B+ only, the GAS-707B is totally independend in serial or bold mode! With a <-798-> rocker switch you can change the signal path of the pedal: • Signal path 789: bass =>707B=>808B=>909B+=>Amp • Signal path 798: bass =>808B=>909B+=>707B=>Amp.

Type: Boost - Overdrive - High Overdrive
Power: 18vol
Inputs: 1x Mono
Outputs: 1x Mono
Extras: Optional Power Supply

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