Phil Jones Flightcase BG150

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It would have to sound great, of course. But that usually goes along with the words “big” and “heavy”. PJB thus spent more than 3 years researching into making a “perfect amp” for the working musicians from a practical sense. First we developed a revolutionary speaker unit, utilizing our knowledge on powerful and small drivers. The NEO-POWER speaker was born. Lightweight and extremely powerful thanks to the advanced neodymium magnet motor structure, it is exclusively a proprietary PJB transducer!.
Then we developed a loudspeaker enclosure so advanced that it has a design patent applied for. Whether you are sitting, standing, being close or far, sound is the same. From the deepest bass tones to the subtlest harmonics, you hear it all! Punchy, deep and precise bass notes that are never muddy, all from a cabinet with footprint of barley 1 cubic foot!.
Whatever type of bass you play, weigh up the cost, performance, size and weight ……and when you try the PJB Flightcase, you will agree that this is the “perfect Bass Amp” for your gigging or studio needs.

Made in: China
Speakers: 4x5" Phil Jones Neo-Power Speakers
Power Rating: 150watts RMS
Tweeter: No
Dimension (mm): 320x 400x 345
Weight: 12kg

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