EBS Reidmar 502

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The EBS Reidmar 502 handles a 2-ohm load so it can drive two 4-ohm cabinets simultaneously. To our knowledge, it is the first lightweight amp in the 500W-range that truly does that. And it does it with conviction too. 

Efficient power handling. Due to EBS clever developed Soft-clip design, the Reidmar 502 makes efficient use of all the power at hand. That means more punch and a lot less compressed sound than with lightweight amplifiers using automatic limiters to prevent clipping. It keeps the bass tone from sounding muddy and preserve the lows solid on higher volumes. 

Analog preamp. The preamp, featuring EBS renowned built-in compressor and a 4-band EQ-section, gives you full control. Use it to bring out anything from a warm nice low end, brilliant highs and mids that cut through the mix when you need it. 

Made in: China
RMS Power Output: 470 watts @ 2-4 ohms
Power Amp: Class D
Preamp: Analog
EQ Control: EQ 4 bands with Mid Control and Compressorl
Output Line: Yes
AUX IN Input : No
Headphone: Yes
Weight: 3,2 Kg

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