D'Addario Flex Steel EFX170-5

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EFX170-5 is the 5-string version of D’Addario FlexSteels most versatile set with the most universally appealing gauge sizes for all playing styles. With the addition of the .130 low B string, this set offers a unique combination of a flexible feel with a deep, round sound with just the right amount of punch and bite. Fits long scale basses with a string scale length of up to 36 7/8 inches.
A monumental breakthrough in bass string technology, FlexSteels deliver the unique combination of flexible feel optimized for slap and finger-style playing coupled with a coveted deep and round tone with just the right amount of punch and bite. A harmonic-rich steel alloy with precisely formulated core-to-wrap diameters wound to the most precise specifications delivers this singular tone and feel with unsurpassed consistency and extra-long string life.
String Gauges: Wound .045, .065, .080, .100, .130
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