Sandberg California II TM 4 Masterpiece Aged Goldburst

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The process of MASTERPIECE aging is similar to the work of a painter or sculptor. It is a creative process in which nothing is worse than delivering an unrealistic result. A finished MASTERPIECE instrument is a landscape; a unique universe of color and shape, scratches and surfaces. For the years to come, we guarantee the precise attention to detail in the look and feel of this instrument will bring you great joy and excitement, simply because we did it only for you. And that's what you feel!Responsible for this aesthetically challenging task is Christian Raabe, our "Grand Master of Aging". Chris has developed a large number of special tools, techniques and mysterious tinctures for the various processes during the last decade. 


After "cosmetic surgery" and assembling, the instrument gets our special vibration and thermo treatment to improve the sound quality. The merciless shaking of hundreds of hours of extreme gigging helps settle and tighten the structure of the wood. Not only does it look, but also sound like a well played old-timer.

This is not an esoteric quirk of ours. It has been tested, proven and documented by measurements of an independent acoustic engineering company. Instruments that have been played regularly sound better than those that haven't - a good instrument wants to be played all the time! The rather thin finish of the MASTERPIECE instruments has another very positive side effect due to the thinner layers of varnish, the wood can oscillate "more freely an absolutely perceptible sound improvement.

Afterwards, it is guaranteed to sound like an old-school instrument played with a lot of dedication. The structure of the wood has tightened and settled; nobody could have done it better.

Made In: Germany
Type: Bolt-on
Body: Alder
Color/Finish: Goldburst Masterpiece Aged
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Maple
No. of Frets : 22
Scale: 34"

Preamp: Sandberg
Type: Active-Passive
Pickups: Delano
Extras: Gigbag included. Black dot Inlays

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