Bacchus WL4-ASH33 WBD

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Constructed with a 33″ scale length, which is slightly shorter than most basses.

The tension is slightly looser, making it easier for players with smaller hands to hold down the strings and challenge a more technical playing style.

This is a specification that will make you realize how fun it is to play.

Roasted Flame Maple is a material that comes as a result of treating Maple wood with a high heat process, volatilizing the water and oils in the wood, giving as a result a more sturdy and durable wood that not only increases stability but also the overall sound quality of the material. The sound that we get from Roasted Maple is a rich, organic sound with a vintage-like tone that is reminiscent of an instrument that has aged its sound with time and usage. This is a new product lineup of Bacchus that puts this amazing feature, which is often used in high-end models, at a reasonable price range..

With a high-quality Graphtec TUSQ nut which is a great feature in terms of both function and sound. It also improves tuning stability.

A feature from the top-tier Woodline Handmade series, the turbo switch is also included in this model. The turbo switch that allows you to connect both pickups by pulling up the tone knob and giving, as a result a more powerful, rounded tone. (While the turbo switch is on effect, the neck pickup volume control dictates the volume of the whole system, and the bridge pickup volume control is bypassed).

Made In: Indonesia
Type: Bolt On
Body: Ash
Finish: White Blonde
Neck: Roasted Maple
Fretboard: Roasted Maple
Nº of Frets : 21
Scale: 33"

Type: Passive (Turbo Switch)
Pickups: Bacchus Original J Single Type
Extras: Gigbag

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