Bacchus Woodline417 WBDP

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The quintessential model of the Woodline Bacchus Handmade Series, designed with excellent playability as a priority which you can see reflected in the downsized body shape selected for this line. With enough range to cover any and all genres without a problem, a really tight tone, and an Oil finish that creates the perfect mood for you to immerse yourself in your performance. Truly a bass among basses, a model that adapts to anyone’s personality and supports your style no matter the situation. It is not a coincidence that so many players regard it so highly.

In 2017, the Woodline series went through a renewal process in order to polish and perfect as many details as possible, thanks to this, Woodline became an amazingly refined and excelling line of instruments.

The main improvements that took place during this time were the placement of the pickups’ pole pieces and the necessary adjustments to the strings’ centering. Furthermore, the bridge pickup was moved closer to the bridge to get an even tighter tone. Passive models also include a turbo switch that allows you to connect both pickups by pulling up the tone knob and giving, as a result a more powerful, rounded tone. (While the turbo switch is on effect, the neck pickup volume control dictates the volume of the whole system, and the bridge pickup volume control is bypassed). Lastly, we included the Woodline logo in the pickups’ cover for additional style.

For the WOODLINE WBDP line, we combined a pearl white finish with black and gold details to create a stunning model that is sure to get everyone’s attention. No matter if you are playing for your friends or for an entire venue, the color scheme on this one is gonna leave a lasting impression on everyone and will definitely help you steal the show.

Made In: Japan
Type: Bolt On
Body: Ash 1P
Finish: White Blonde Pearl White
Neck: Ebony
Fretboard: Maple
Nº of Frets : 21
Scale: 34"

Type: Passive (Turbo Switch)
Pickups: Bacchus JB-ALV II
Extras: Gigbag

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