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Welcome to Todobajos

New Products For November

  • Yamaha BB424X RM
    Made In: Indonesia Type: Bolt On Body: Alder Finish: Red Metallic Neck: Maple Fretboard: Rosewo...
    Price (VAT INCLUDED):  410.00€
  • Guild Chris Hillman Bass
    Semi-hollow. The Chris Hillman Signature Byrds Bass is Guild’s latest limited edition model, in cele...
    Price (VAT INCLUDED):  1,480.00€
  • Guild Starfire Bass CHR
    Semi-hollow. From the jangle of the Byrds to the psychedelia of Jefferson Airplane to countless othe...
    Price (VAT INCLUDED):  985.00€
  • Fender Mustang Pawn Shop
    USED BASS. As new. Condition: USED (10 over10) Made in: Mexico Type: Bolt-on Body: Alder ...
    Price (VAT INCLUDED):  590.00€
  • Ibanez SR700-AM
    USED BASS. At mind condition. This instrument is on consignment, which means that Todobajos only m...
    Price (VAT INCLUDED):  550.00€
  • Ibanez SR500
    USED BASS at good condition. Condition: USED (7 over10) Type: Bolt On Body: Mahogany Fin...
    Price (VAT INCLUDED):  425.00€




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FREE SHIPPING FROM MINIMUM PURCHASE OF €299! And below that amount, €10 flat rate for shipping to anywhere in Spain or Europe*.

*Only applicable to transport by road; sea or air transport rates must be checked. Canary and Balearic Islands excluded. Check rates for Canary and Balearic Islands.

It's been a few years since we started, years in which we have enjoyed watching our store and our company grow until we have become a reference in the bass world, and we felt that it is was time to climb a step, a very important one, both for us and for our clients.

Not only you can see on the web what we have in the store, but you can also buy online in the most comfortable, easiest and safest way, avoiding emails or unnecessary trips to the store in case you know exactly what you want. Of course, we will be glad to answer your questions by email or if you visit us in the store to test basses, amps or just to say hello.

Please, have no doubt that every day we strive to offer the prices and service that you expect, HOPING YOU CHOOSE US AS YOUR BASS STORE….

Signature Marcus Miller. Looking inside the GAS-789B NG you will find three GAS...
Price (VAT INCLUDED):  369.00€
The Super Symmetry offers all the transparency and precision of a modern compres...
Price (VAT INCLUDED):  315.00€
The GAS-808B NG is the new update of the GAS-808B. Level and Drive controls are ...
Price (VAT INCLUDED):  165.00€
Like all Line 6 digital wireless systems, Relay is incredibly easy to set up. Si...
Price (VAT INCLUDED):  299.00€
The Super Symmetry offers all the transparency and precision of a modern compres...
Price (VAT INCLUDED):  399.00€
The NANO MARK 300 once again raises the bar for bass amp heads. Our smallest amp...
Price (VAT INCLUDED):  399.00€
The UNI-PRE is a new generation bass preamp system from East UK. It’s a brand ne...
Price (VAT INCLUDED):  290.00€
elivering the deep and textured tone that Aguilar bass pedals are famous for, cr...
Price (VAT INCLUDED):  205.00€
Featuring extraordinary depth, character and versatility, POD® HD500X and Pro X ...
Price (VAT INCLUDED):  469.00€